Our engineers hold the following professional registrations

  • RPEQ - Registered Professional Engineer Queensland
  • CPEng - Chartered Professional Engineer with Engineers Australia
  • NPER - National Professional Engineers Register
  • RBP - Registered Building Practitioner Victoria

The RPEQ and RBP designations allow us to practice throughout Queensland and Victoria.  The CPEng and NPER designations are recognised by councils and certification authorities in all other Australian States and Territories.

We are licensed to provide structural engineering throughout Australia.  We have experience providing engineering in Papua New Gunea and Canada.  We can renew professional registration in Canada and we can deliver professional certification in PNG through our relationships with established locally registered engineers.  We also have experience in designing and detailing structures in the USA.

Reliable - Creative - Supportive

Structural Arts was established in 2014 by Kelvin Borkowsky. Located on the Gold Coast the company provides a complete range of structural engineering solutions for projects and clients from Brisbane to Byron Bay and beyond.

We have been practicing engineering since the 1990's and in Australia since 2002.  Located on the Gold Coast since 2005, we are familiar with the local challenges posed by coastal construction.  We have extensive experience in shoring systems, hydrostatic basements, post tensioned construction and other considerations unique to the coast.

We value working with people - our goal is to understand our client's real needs and requirements so that we can provide the best solutions.  We believe that the "Art" of structural engineering is applying our knowledge and experience to come up with an innovative solution for the specific need - sometimes the simplest solution is the best.  The key is understanding the problem.