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Structural Arts consults to architects, developers and property managers for a variety of building projects ranging from single residences to multi storey residential and commercial buildings.  The services we provide include:

For Architects & Developers

Conceptual design sizing, arrangements and advice  Detailed structural engineering and drafting  Structural Design certification (Form 15 in Queensland)  Structural Construction certification (Form 16 in Queensland)   Value engineering reviews  Engineering design peer reviews  Constructability review and advice   Quality checking for engineering design documentation  Design project management; planning, scheduling, tracking & reporting

For Contractors & Builders

As a natural extension to our work with architects and developers, Structural Arts also consults directly to contractors, builders and sub-contractors for building and infrastructure projects.  The services we provide to the construction industry include: Detailed structural engineering and drafting   Conceptual design sizing, arrangements and advice  Structural Design certification (Form 15 in Queensland)  Structural Construction certification (Form 16 in Queensland)  Construct-ability reviews and advice  Crane base analysis and design   Shop drawing reviews and RFI responses   Site inspections  Quality system and records reviews   Damage assessment and rectification specification   Quantity estimate reviews  Construction progress assessment (for progress payment release)   Construction photography  Value engineering reviews  Engineering design peer reviews  Quality checking for engineering design documentation

Civil & Infrastructure

Structural Arts provides structural engineering consulting, design, documentation and certification to support civil and infrastructure projects.  The
services we provide include:

  • Structural engineering designs for civil structures including retaining and revetment walls, pump/transfer stations, caissons, culverts, light bridges, barriers and road furniture, etc  
  • Asset condition investigation and reporting for bridges, revetment and retaining walls, jetties, culverts and other public infrastructure structures  
  • Concept and scoping designs and advice for civil structures  
  • Design and specification of structural repairs  
  • Site inspections for works under construction  
  • Dilapidation reporting for pre and post construction works  
  • Review of existing structures to assess capacity for existing or new uses 
  • Forensic investigations of structural failures, including assessing original design adequacy 
  • Construction or condition photography and reporting

Project Management Support Services

In addition to traditional structural engineering, we offer specialist skills to support clients in project management related activities including:

  • Risk identification, assessment and management 
  • Creation of work breakdown structures
  • Activity planning, scheduling, tracking and progress reporting 
  • Quality assurance system creation / evaluation / auditing  
  • Safety in Design assessment and workshop facilitation

Insurance & Finance Industry Support 

Expanding on our site inspection and reporting capabilities we offer specific services to the insurance and finance sector:

  •  Insurance claim inspections and reporting  
  • Construction progress assessment and advice for payment release  
  • Forensic engineering investigations and expert witness reporting

Structural Engineering Capabilities

Our general structural analysis and design capabilities include:

  • Design in steel, aluminium, reinforced and post tensioned concrete, masonry and timber
  • Repairs, renovations and restorations 
  • Concept, Preliminary system selection, sizing and arrangement 
  • Quantity estimates  
  • Prepare design briefs and sub-consultant briefs 
  • Prepare technical specifications 
  • Finite element analysis for shell, plate, framed and composite items.


Structural Arts provides engineering analysis and design for various industries and structure types including:

  • Residential and commercial low rise structures 
  • Mining or mineral processing plants 
  • Residential and commercial multi-storey buildings 
  • Warehouse, factory and industrial facilities  
  • Institutional facilities including hospitals, age care centres and schools